~About Justavi~

Justavi is the service that matches driver to rental car travel of Okinawa.
Client can select local driver registered in Justavi freely and request driving then enjoy custom-made sightseeing.
It is possible for customer to arrange rental car by self and Justavi only arranges driver.In Justavi site,only dispatch driver.User should arrange rental car from travel agent or reservation site of rental car by yourself.
3 attractions of Justavi

Relieved and reliable driver

Implement identity verification due to driver license.
Only register driver whose backgroud is confirmed.

Credit card payment easily

Credit card payment in advance in site.
No need to worry about the trouble of delivery of money with driver.

Insurance for accident by any possibility

Use rental car in Justavi.
When have accident by any possibility,insurance of rental car is available.
The difference between Justavi and taxi hire




  • Justavi is the service that matches driver to rental car travel of Okinawa.Client can select driver freely and enjoy travel of rental car of Okinawa comfortably.
  • Travel can be built cheaply than sightseeing taxi by rental car + driver.
  • If package tour with rental car,it is OK only to add drvier fee!
  • For people who don't have driver license,it is possible to travel by rental car if arrange driver.
  • ※Justavi investigates the cheapest price of sightseeing taxi and market price of rental car on 2/10
  • ※When use driver,diver fee is 8000 yen for 8 hours.commission 1,600 yen(including tax)
  • ※Pay actual expense of gasoline price,highway tolls and parking fee etc. separately
  • It is OK for rental car of HiAce(10 seater)and microbus (29 seater)
  • Also leave the large viechle to driver with middle-sized driver license and large-sized driver license.The cost performance is very good because large number of people is in 1 viechle!

《 HiAce 》

《 Microbus 》

  • 1It is OK for only 1 day or consecutive stay
  • It is OK for meeting in airport and hotel
  • If request driver to receive or return the rental car,can enjoy trip without wasting time
Welcome client from the airport Airport Sightseeing Hotel
Start from hotel Hotel Sightseeing Hotel
Send client to the airport Hotel Sightseeing Airport
  • ※Client takes responsibilities to clear rental car fee and Gasoline.
  • ※If destination is different and lodging occurs,there is moving expense of driver and hotel charge.
  • Please disuss with driver.
Such client use driver
  • In addition…
  • 〇Use it in nursing travel
  • 〇In transfer of golf
  • 〇People who want to enjoy wine
  • 〇It is recommended for people who want to touch local people